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What is Pingler? What does it do exactly?
Posted by Andre Dedeyan on 22 October 2015 10:54 PM

We are a ping service, we send notification to search engines, crawlers, indexers and ping servers to 'inform' them of your blog, website, URL or basically any web page. When we ping these services, they will send their indexers to visit your website, blog or any URL that you ping and perform indexing and rank it in the search engines for the specified keywords. Our service is especially useful for getting indexed and ranked faster than you normally would if you were to wait on the search engines to perform indexing naturally. The other benefit is that you can choose the terms to rank for (you will need to conduct your own diligence into which keywords work best for you)

Our fans and customers use our service to help rank their URLs for their chosen terms in a legal and acceptable manner as per terms set by the search engines, such as We are fully compliant with Google's terms. Unlike other SEO companies, we do not employ any tactics to 'cheat' or to try to 'outsmart' search engines to achieve short term ranking for our customers.

We offer five free pings on a daily basis at our homepage but our premium service offers many extra features, including and not limited to pinging to thousands of resources from our exclusive list which is reserved for our premium customers. This feature is very popular because our customers benefit from a much larger exposure to the search engines and to specific target audiences.

You may wish to visit our YouTube channel where we have many videos to assist you.

Please note:  Unlike other so-called SEO services, our practice is 100% transparent and fully compliant with the search engines.  We do not break any rules and nor do we subject any of our customers or fans to any situation which may have an adverse effect on their online interests.


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