What is the Pingler Crawler and what does it do?
Posted by Andre Dedeyan on 19 June 2015 01:12 PM

The Pingler Crawler is a very powerful tool which we make available for our customers. The main function of the crawler is to scan your website or blog for active URLs and links and to import them for you into your account

Our customers use this tool so that they can avoid having to add their URLs into their accounts manually. The crawler will scan your website or blog every 24 hours and will continue to import URLs into your account

Please be aware that you need to ensure that you have enough room in your account to accommodate the imported URLs or at least make room for the newly imported URLs. If your account does not have enough room for imported URLs, the account will be paused pending your manual intervention and removal of excess URLs or until such time as you upgrade your account to a larger package.

Some of our customers, use the crawler tool to perform the import once and then they either disable or delete the crawler function from their accounts to avoid further imports of URLs

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