More Information on Pinging
Posted by Andre Dedeyan on 16 January 2014 08:54 AM

Pinging is a an activity by which we inform ping services, indexers and search engines of updates to your website or blog. Generally, people ping their own websites or blogs and not just random websites or blogs as they surf. We provided the plugins for major browsers to facilitate 'on-the-move' pinging to our customers so that they are able to ping whatever URL they choose as they are surfing, as opposed to manually adding into their account.

You may ping any valid or live URL that you wish but ideally you should ping your own URLs which contain the affiliate codes.

When you ping a 'page' or URL, it gets added into your pingler account. Depending on the level of your subscription your URL will be pinged either once every three days or once daily (for packages of 100 URLs or more) Our ping resources list numbers in the thousands and it is rotated every 24 hours giving you the customer maximum exposure to a wide array of ping resources.

When you add a URL into your account, you will be unable to add the same URL twice, so you only need to add it once and it will be pinged automatically for you.

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